Telosa Software Product Overview

Telosa Software, Inc. provides premier information management solutions that enable nonprofit organizations to develop high touch relationships with donors, volunteers and other constituents. Telosa’s affordable, easy-to-use solutions, including both Windows and cloud-based applications, are built from the ground up specifically for nonprofit organizations. The company was founded by philanthropist and computer scientist Susan Packard Orr, in the heart of Silicon Valley, and has been serving nonprofits for more than 25 years.

Exceed Beyond

Exceed Beyond, A Comprehensive and Fully Integrated Online Fundraising Software Suite Built Specifically For Nonprofits.

Exceed! Premier

A complete solution for your fundraising and donor management needs. Learn more about Exceed! Premier, view Exceed! Premier literature or compare Exceed! products.

Exceed! Basic

An easy-to-use and affordable solution for smaller nonprofits. Learn more about Exceed! Basic, view Exceed! Basic literature or compare Exceed! products.