Services that Work

The focus of Telosa support services is on you, our customer, with the mission of helping you maximize your productive use of Telosa Software products. This translates into our commitment to providing more than just basic technical support we go the extra mile to make our customers raving fans of our services, not just satisfied customers. We realize you have invested heavily in our products, so you have the right to receive the best expertise we can give.

Technical Support

Technical issues with your software can end up costing you much more than what you paid for the actual software in a very short time. But with Telosa technical support, not only do you receive quick resolution to your support needs at a fraction of the cost of your Telosa product; you also get peace of mind.

A Telosa Annual Support Contract provides phone, fax and e-mail support, as well as access to the web-based Client Support Center. The Client Support Center provides authorized users with immediate and essential knowledge for installing, implementing, customizing, and using Telosa products. In addition the support center provides a searchable knowledge base (including frequently asked questions), software updates and a user forum. Click here to contact our Technical Support team. 


Our training courses help ensure your organization maximizes its investment in Telosa's fundraising software. In addition to our classroom trainings at regional centers across the country, we also offer onsite training that can be customized to meet your needs, as well as phone and web-based training options. Learn more about our training offerings — including pricing and upcoming training schedules, or use our online sign-up form. You can also contact us at for more information.

Data Conversions

We have the experience and expertise to transfer your donor and gift data from your current software program into Telosa products. Learn more about data conversions, or call us (1-800-676-5831) for a free data conversion quote.

File Exchange

Clients can transfer files to and from Telosa via the Internet. You'll need to obtain a login name and password. Learn more.